Harris Poll Review - Online Surveys Offers Rewards $0.40-$1 Per Survey

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harris poll online review

The Harris Poll Online is the pioneer in using the internet to conduct market research. The Harris Poll has surveyed millions of people in the last 40 years from 89 countries. The online program produces accurate information at lightning speed. Since their beginning Harris has built a reputation that they know is one of their most important assets.

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The Harris Poll Online surveys offer a unique format. It is different than most of the competitors. It has proven to be one of the best. They offer an appreciation program where the participant can redeem points for rewards. The rewards include a wide variety of merchandise as well as gift certificates and PayPal. These are referred to as HIpoints. They also offer participation in a sweepstakes for cash prices. The HIpoints account is created following the completion of the first survey. The organization offers 100 HIpoints after the participant has completed their third survey. According to participants each survey completed is rewarded with about 50 points. The surveys generally take about ten minutes to complete. Most panelists speak favorably about the surveys.

Surveys cover everything from the opportunity to influence important government decision makers as well as non-profit organizations and corporations. There is considerable emphasis placed on allowing the members to help shape policies, products and services the company offers. All participants in the Harris Poll Online are assured of complete confidentiality. The online program has been in operation since March, 2003. Harris Poll Online boasts a membership base of more than six million panelists.

The Harris Poll Online is open to most anyone who wishes to participate although the actual participants are selected randomly when the need arises for specific projects. They also welcome international panelists. The company is one of the survey sites that is usually on lthe list of top 10 survey sites. This, in part, might have something to do with their name recognition. The company, headquartered in Rochester, New York, also conducts international research through wholly owned subsidiaries via London-based HI Europe and Tokyo-based Harris Interactive Japan. In total they have opinion surveys and other polls in 89 countries around the world.